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Interracial sex and love
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As God told the Prophet (regarding young David)
"Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart."

Letting Love Rule
increasing interracial relationships

In the words of the famous rock musician Lenny Kravitz, "You've got to let love rule." That s what the Supreme Court decided to do in 1967 when it overturned Southern states' laws prohibiting interracial marriage.

Folks seem to be abiding by Kravitz's law more than ever before by letting their hearts be the definitive judge in deciding whom they choose as their mate.

Interracial dating, sex, and marriage is described as dating, sex, or marriage of two people of different races. The union can be among African-Americans, Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics or Indians. These relations are continually growing in number despite the social ramifications interracial couples continue to confront.

Dr. Lawrence Tenzer's book on interracial sexual relations in America states that, historically, the major objection has typically been sexual relations between white women and Black men. Such relations have been the hub of past conflicts, and the bonding of Black, Asian and Hispanic women with white men has also become more prevalent, frequently observed in New York's underground nightlife. It is greeted with a receptive reaction in and out of many downtown local bars.

"I've always dated Black women; I never cared about what my friends thought. I feel if my friends can't respect whom I choose to be with, then they're not my friends," said 33-year-old messenger service manager Michael Herrick, who only dates Black women.

As innocuous as Herrick makes it sound, others find it can be an unpleasant situation to get involved in an interracial relationship. "I think any Black guy that says he doesn't want to date a white woman is lying. They may be afraid of what people may think; they may be afraid to talk to a white woman where there are many Black women because they don't want the Black women to feel bad or hurt," 27-year-old Gabriel Antoine, a UPS courier, told the Amsterdam News.

Thirty-three-year-old Jan Gerhards, CEO of Jazmee Communications Inc., agrees, but thinks white men want to date Black woman as well. He said white men are also afraid of how society will look at them. "I will date and marry whomever I fall in love with; it doesn't matter if she's Black or white, if she's appealing to me, then I will date her," Gerhards added.

Recent trends in popular culture - from white teenagers' fascination with rap to the popularity of mixed-race celebrities like Tiger Woods and Mariah Carey - may contribute to soaring rates of interracial friendship and dating. According to a recent survey, more than 60 percent of American teenagers have dated someone of another color or ethnic group.

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Six-hundred-twenty university students completed an anonymous confidential questionnaire designed to assess attitudes toward interracial dating. Almost one fourth (24.2%) reported having dated interracially and almost half (49.6%) expressed an openness to become involved in an interracial relationship. Blacks, cohabitants, and those with previous interracial dating experience were significantly more likely to express an openness to become involved in an interracial relationship.

Although the marriages of Quincy Jones (musician), Charles Barkley (professional basketball player) and Roger Ebert (film critic) are interracial, less than 5% of all marriages in the United States are interracial (Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1998). This relatively low percentage of interracial marriages has been stable for decades. However, increased individualism, tolerance for diversity, and greater minority enrollment in colleges and universities may result in more approving attitudes of college students toward interracial relationships.

(from College Student Journal, March, 2000 by David Knox, Marty E. Zusman, Carmen Buffington, Gloria Hemphill)

Scandal or NOT?

hot black date While rates of interracial friendship and dating continue to rise, Blacks marry outside their group far less frequently than Latinos and Asians, but the rate at which they are doing so has grown significantly over the last generation. Twenty-six-year-old freelance writer Raqiyah Mays said, "I think Black men have more confidence approaching white women; Black women are hard to approach. I prefer to be with a Black man, but dating someone outside of your race is thrilling - I mean, look at motion pictures like "The Bodyguard," when Whitney Houston's love interest was Kevin Costner, everyone was excited about that movie." Mays added, "I think many white men want to date a Black woman, if they could or felt comfortable with it, they would marry one, but America is a very racist society. People are more concerned with their image than what their hearts are saying."

In 1960, fewer than I percent of married Black men had non-Black wives; today, the figure is more than 15 times higher. Even more dramatic is the number of Black-white interracial births, which, according to one estimate, more than tripled in the 1990s.

According to Tamar Jacoby, a senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute and author of "Someone Else's House: America's Unfinished Struggle for Integration," attitudes are shifting. Particularly in places like California, where the racial and immigrant mix is most pronounced, this trend can only accelerate.

"There is more prejudice in America than in Germany. Germans feel guilty and are sorry for what they did to Jews in the past, but Americans don't seem to be sorry for what they did to Blacks in America," Gerhards said.

However, there are signs of changing times. It couldn't be more evident than during the 2000 presidential election year. The nation's multiracial citizens could clearly observe the change during the national convention of the Republican Party, which has been recognized by many as the party of, by and for the powerful. One of the keynote speakers on the final day of the Philadelphia convention was Pres. George W. Bush's nephew - George P. Bush. He is not only the son of Florida Gev. Jeb Bush and a descendant of a new political dynasty, but also the son of a Mexican-born mother. "I am an American, but like many, I come from a diverse background," the youth chairman of the Republican National Convention proudly proclaimed.

The 2000 presidential year was also a census year. The U.S. Census Department included mixed-race categories for the first time in history.

Nicole Jellerette, of Black and white descent, said that society looks at her as a white person. "People usually assume that I'm white until they discover I have a Black father, then maybe I will face some sort of racism. When people ask what I am, I say I am Black and white. I don't disregard one or the other, and I will raise my children to know their true history and let them decide who they choose to identify with," Jelerette said.

W.E.B. Du Bois, in one of the essays compiled into a book entitled "The Souls of Black Folk," predicted in 1903 that the problem of the 20th century would be "the problem of the color-line." The "color-line" continues to exist at the beginning of a new millennium, though it may be much more blurry now than when Du Bois observed it in the early 20th century.

Margaret Houston, author of "Color Us Love," said, "Well, perhaps there will come a day, maybe sooner than expected, where Americans can use the term 'melting pot' and it'll hold truth, because there's so much mixing going on, and that population can no longer be ignored."

By Ronnie Sykes, Special to the AmNews

Copyright of New York Amsterdam News is the property of Powell Savory Corporation and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder's express written permission. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

Source: New York Amsterdam News, 12/6/2001, Vol. 92 Issue 49, p36, 1/2p.

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Martin Luther King began one of his sermons proclaiming:
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[FROM A SERMON BY Martin Luther King, Jr .... Quoted in Strength to Love]

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