There's no excuse for domestic violence. Protect the weakest in our midst.

Our future depends on it.

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Healing Our Wounds From Within
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I will Survive
The African-American Guide to Healing from Sexual Assault and Abuse

Julia Boyd reviews "I Will Survive" by Lori Robinson:

Lori Robinson, St. Cloud MN I Will Survive by Lori S. Robinson is the first definitive book for black women and men that addresses not only the devastation and trauma of being sexually assaulted, but the power of emotional healing.

Using her own story as a backdrop, Robinson takes us on a step-by-step journey of healing. Robinson continues to remind us throughout the book that while the journey may be rocky, our destination is what's most important. I Will Survive gives us permission to take care of ourselves while acknowledging and validating the difficulty we may experience in needing support from others.

I read I Will Survive twice: once straight through from beginning to end as a body of knowledge, and, the second time, skipping around to different chapters for quick reference-guide information. Both times I felt I had gained supportive information and useful techniques for putting one's life back together after the trauma of sexual assault. The book provides a realistic overview of both the medical and legal systems as they related to survivors of domestic violence.

Most importantly, she instructs the reader that "Emotional Recovery" (title of chapter 3) is not business as usual; we're not super-human, we're human, and with that distinction comes the ownership of feelings. Robinson reminds us that a violation of the body often involves a violation of the spirit, and having loving, supportive family and friends around is the best medicine. In this beautifully written, factual and well grounded book, Robinson has given a long overdue voice to black survivors everywhere.

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Healing Our Wounds From Within

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Climbing Out of the Spiral

healing takes place, first of all, by restoring a sense of self-worth
(henri j.m. nouwen)

Overcoming - against all odds
The Susan Blocker Success Story
Begun Due to the Inspiration of Susan Blocker

"Healing Our Wounds From Within"

Sue says:
My name is Susan Blocker. I am 45 years old, born with a physical disability I am SURVIVOR of Physical, Sexual, Verbal, Emotional and Economical abuse. During the past 11 years via my website "Climbing Out Of The Spiral" I have provided a myriad of online support and counseling services to survivors and victims of abuse worldwide. My knowledge stems from my own personal experiences with childhood abuse and domestic violence. Through my own experience with abuse I've learned many valuable lessons that I am able to pass on to those in need of guidance and support, so that they may begin their "Climb Out Of The Spiral."

Additionally, I am the Founder of Climbing Out Of The Spiral a website dedicated to providing a safe haven, promoting abuse awareness and prevention. Climbing Out Of The Spiral not only serves abuse victims and survivors, we also provide services to all persons who are experiencing difficult times. I also founded N.O.A.H.E.

My greatest accomplishment is surviving thirty years of abuse and having the strength to uphold my emotional fortitude so that I can pass my experience on to other survivors of abuse. I am creative founder of a website dedicated to promoting abuse awareness and prevention. Climbing Out Of The Spiral has provided abuse support and counseling services to victims and survivors of abuse worldwide since December 7, 1996. Climbing Out Of The Spiral is my most precious achievement.

Opportunity N.O.A.H.E. (Home based business opportunities.)

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women do. They are proud of their bodies. Black men love big butts.

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Who Gets Hurt?


Who gets hurt by the hidden rapaciousness of "normal" male sexuality?

Answer: many people. Not only those nearest and dearest (supposedly) but almost anyone weaker or vulnerable, or those who depend on him to be living to his true potential, his God ordained destiny.

Why is it the seeming normal ones who most often commit the most perverted actions, the most pornographic lusts, the sickest private lecheries, all the while projecting on others (easy targets) the blame.

Sexologists and Freudian gurus sometimes refer to the racial divide as Americas ONE great wound, that just won't heal. Frantz Fanon points out the white man's certainty (when he wrote) that Negroes had tremendous sexual powers. Thus, in the collective mind, the Negro literally "stands" for sex.

Fanon mentions that for whites the mere image of the black athlete has become "singularly eroticized." He says: "There is something in the mere idea, one young [white] woman confided to me, that makes the heart skip a beat." SOURCE

White husbands' guilt seems bound up with their fear of being bested. The Macbeth effect. The Bible (Ecclesiasticus 9:1) suggests that a guilty or jealous husband somehow drives his wife to cuckold him.

Be not jealous over the wife of thy bosom, and teach her not an evil lesson against thyself. Ecclesiasticus 9:1

[Ecclesiasticus is also called Sirach, or Ben Sira...     for more ]

Tiger's got wood!

A book just out (2010) delves into this issue. (ISBN-13: 9780757315374)

"The Tiger Woods syndrome." Susan Block discusses this socalled normal male condition as essentially a sickness. To me it appears that white husbands in their secretive lechery are actually in some sense giving themselves a neurosis. In their worst fears, their greatest rivals are liable to be some hot-blooded jock with sleek black skin and irresistible muscular endowments.

Tiger Woods, of course, despite his erstwhile clean-cut image, is still the quintessential alpha male. Susan Block's analysis identifies this with America's historic obsession with Black Man's legendary prowess. Biologically, Dr. Block suggests that for the white man, subconsciously there is his imagined disadvantage in some Darwinian "Interracial Sperm Wars."

Straight from the mouth (of Dr. Suzy)
[Continuing Susan Block's insights] Thus, in white man's neurosis, he is convinced his wife or "girl" is irresistibly attracted by the mo jo, the supernatural "Black Magic" of a Priapic athlete of unrivaled sexual endowments. Tiger is a real life embodiment of a black man who gets all the prettiest white women. In white man's fear (or fantasy), he is the Great Black Sex God.
(says Susan Block).

Dr. Susan Block is a sex therapist and author of The 10 Commandments of Pleasure

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