Women have sex fantasies for President Obama (and other powerful role models)

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Obama fantasy
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Innocent Sexual Infatuation

Barack Obama's BIG STICK

Joe Biden makes the best gaffe ever

In foreign affairs, a big stick sure helps
Joe Biden Joe Biden means well. You gotta love the guy, but talk about his penchant for saying the wrong thing (in this case the RIGHT thing?). The media used to tease the elder President Bush about his seeming predilection for sticking his foot in his mouth, but Joe Biden wins on all counts. This time he's done it in a BIG way. (Sorry bout that.) It was all innocent enough. President Obama has been criticized first for belligerency towards Iran, then with being too naive, or not blustery enough, A dutiful vice president, Joe Biden steps up to the plate, and delivers a solid intellectual defense.

Teddy Roosevelt said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." The obvious moral is grandstanding is unnecessary when you got a big stick. Joe Biden says, I promise you, President Obama has a big stick. The audience teeters, then the snickers grows louder. He seems not to realize what he has just said, or implied. The audience (mostly women), is heard laughing. Biden repeats his punch line -- not really intended for laughs. He is defending the Boss.

Iran may not care how big that particular stick of Obama's is. But not a few of his adoring fans seem to at least have thought about it. The "joke" (unintentioned?) turns out to be a winner. It has gone viral, and been repeated endlessly. Our president with the big stick. A bit like some of our past Presidents with charisma and charm, like Jack Kennedy, for example, President Obama seems ideal for romantic over-imagination. More than just the "power is sexy" thing. He has good looks, charm, masculinity, self-confidence, intelligence. He is articulate, poised, and yes, sexy. But something is still left unsaid. Folks, in this fantasy realm, when you got a charismatic black celebrity president, SIZE REALLY DOES MATTER.

Glamour Magazine: 'A Lot of Women'
Fantasize About President Obama

And his "big stick?"

by Tim Graham
June 5, 2009 - 23:51 ET

humor portrait by photographer
Erin Patrice O'Brien

innocent infatuation [Tim Graham's blog in newsbusters.org] The June issue of Glamour magazine has an article on women's "racy fantasies" and it wouldn't be complete without Barack Obama sex dreams. (The same trend was highlighted in the media about Bill Clinton in the early years.) One woman offered her Obama dream, complete with punchline:

I have this fantasy where I'm with Barack Obama at my parents' house. We're both naked, and he's giving me a full-body massage. Suddenly my father appears and says "How could you do that?" And no kidding: In my dream, Obama replies, "I'm serving my constituents." -- Nicki, 34
Glamour's Serena Kim then counsels Nicki on why she could be having this fantasy:
"A lot women have told me they dream about our President," says [psychologist Michelle] Callahan. "He's a star, and people fantasize about celebs whether they're married or not."
The President's relationship may even make him more desirable. "We have this image of a man with strength, virility, and sensitivity," says Marta Meana, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, "but he also seems happy with his wife - and commitment is sexy." Of course, plenty of women adore the First Lady, too, which is probably why your subconscious sent your dad in there to stop the action.

There was no fantasy in Glamour about "Obama was giving a victory speech, and I had this thrill up my leg." - Chris, 63.


The Debate Goes On

Do married white women secretly fantasize about black men?
(Posted in the Human Sexuality Forum)

Apr 2, 2009

I'm curious how many of you fantasize about black men and either never tell your husband or secretly break down and get ya some black lovin when you can?

Are there any true closet fantasies out there that just make your panties soaking wet thinking about it?

March 20, 2009
I'm a white female, and I've been more attracted to black guys than to white guys for a while now. I can't really explain it - it's their general attitude, their swagger, the way they dress, their no-nonsense attitude. I also love hip-hop and rap music, so I'm sure that's had something to do with it. (Um, T.I.? The-Dream? Weezy? All hot.) Regardless of the reasons, I just have the hots for black guys. Mmmmm.

The problem is I've never seriously dated one. I've been on a couple dates with black guys but never had a real relationship with one. Right now I'm in a loving relationship with my SO, who is white. He has his own things about him that I am attracted to, but it doesn't change the fact that I still am attracted to black guys. And I fantasize about them.

I just really want to sleep with a black guy someday. I don't fantasize about it when I'm actually having sex with my SO, but I do sometimes when I'm by myself. Does that make me a bad person?

Is it wrong to have fantasies about other people when you're in a committed relationship? Do you have a particular race you're attracted to? More

Sanford, MI
I am married and I fantasized about black men alot, I even bought a black dildo, then finally after a few years I had a chance to be with a black man and I did it and it was worth it. Now I go out and get some black cock whenever I can and my husband has no idea although he has asked why I am looser than before.

Blacks are the biggest turn oh for most women of all races except black. [alternative look]

Hudson, FL
I can only speak for myself and those of who I have dicussed this subject. I am a married white woman and yes I do fantasize about black men. My husband and I have been sharing secret fantasies and he admitted that he has fantasized about me with a black man, but he does not beleive he could handle it further than a fantasy, that is why they are fantasies. So I finally was able to come free with that I fantasize about them too and in fact have hubby watch. I can't say for sure if we will or will not ever act on those fantasies but damn it is so hot to mess with him and see what it does to hubby when I talk about it.

As far as all white women, no one can realy anser that, but I can tell you the women that I have actually talked to about this, most of them have had fantases of black. Its taboo, its the things you alway hear,(true or not) they still turn you on.

I will also say that hubby and I looked at some interracial porn and it was so hot!! I really never looked at any of it in the past but I felt what it did to me and I liked it to the point it was scary. Be careful what you ask for, hubby!! Since then I have had a good time playing with him and feeding on his fantasy and also fears of it. But I will not do something I feel will destroy my marriage. Again, it is a fantasy and probably best left that way.

Dr Endo
White women have fantasies about black men because they are more masculine than white men. Too many white men are effeminate. Thousands of white women travel to Jamaica to be in the strong arms of a black mandingo. Besides, most cuckolds are white guys.

ky wildcat
Knoxville, TN
Most white men want a woman they can boss around. Maybe that's why they go after asian women.

Dr Endo
Too many white men are geeky or effeminate. A white woman might marry that type of man, but she wants sex with a strong, black mandingo. White men be ware. Sex tourism is Jamaica is rapidly expanding.

strong hot black


Not all white women are ga-ga over Barack Obama. Sure, he's an appealing personality. Time and time again during the election campaign, whoever his opponent was would grant that he had sex appeal, or "charisma" or stage persence, "peresonal magnetism" -- or that he attracted hero-worship almost the way a ROCK STAR does.

But women were also his worst enemies. First Hillary went at him. Here was a woman not one bit less smart than he was, an Ivy Leaguer, Hillary is one white woman who comes across smarter than her husband. No question Bill is a lovable, huggable, corn pone type. He's a good ol' boy at heart, clearly smart but also a bit of a sex delinquent underneath his Bubba Bill image. But Hillary is the mensa, and she tore into Barack Obama like a tigress.

Then Hillary gets done with him and the beautiful Sarah Palin takes over. Wow!! For once, Barack seemed a bit taken aback. What man wouldn't be. Sarah may be from the booniest of the boondocks (Alaska), but she had feminity, grace, and fashion sense. I suspect Michelle Obama may have given her dear heart a deft squeeze of the hand on more than one occasion. I say hats off to Todd for sharing his lady with the world. Rush may rage at her or ramp up the decibals. Obama himself may be a bit at a loss for a come-back. But Sarah shows us a woman can be feminine (and still speak her piece). A lady can dress smart, and still be feminist. She can be lady-like (yet successfully take on the oil companies).

Obama seems to rile the insecure white males more than anyone. The surveys might show him garnering huge majorities of women's votes, but the white guys have their revenge. Like Rush Limbaugh these threatened fellows can always fight back, or plot for a return to the "good old days." I came across an Obama Comix spoofing the adoration that white gals have for Obama. He was portrayed like a buff he-man (instead of the skinny, if eloquent, guy he is in real-life).

Where I'm coming from. As a political liberal on issues like economics, I have no objection to when my "white wife" votes in line with her crush for sexually "hot" black guy. Is that self-serving of me? I was happy to see Obama elected. Hey, anyone who says America's history was all "good old days" has got to be nuts. I don't say there's not redeeming virtue to be found in many aspects of conservatism. But let's face it. Black guys have been forbidden pastures so long for white women, why should anyone be surprised when we discover that their "dream lover" turns out to be a ravishing Black stud. (The phrase Eldridge Cleaver used was Psychic Bridegroom.)

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(The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness)

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lady lynn The controversy of the disgruntled white woman has long titillated American commentators on gender (and even on racial politics). Eldridge Cleaver sought to invoke the myriads of white women feeling "stifled" in loveless marriages on behalf of his own radical Black Panther agenda. Cleaver's inflammatory Soul on Ice sought to explain why white women want Negroes) "What wets the [white wives' juices] is that she is allured and tortured by the secret, intuitive knowledge that [the Negro], her psychic bridegroom, can blaze through the wall of her ice, plumb her psychic depths, test of the oil of her soul, melt the iceberg of her brain, touch her inner sanctum, detonate the bomb of her orgasm, and bring her sweet release."

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