Women's top ten sexual fantasies.
Erotic fantasies are normal, wholesome, and universal -
and quite possibly therapeutic (besides being enjoyable.)

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Women's Sexual Fantasies
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Romance is the Heartbeat of God
Gary Chiles

Sacred White Cougar
sacred white cougar
sacred white cougar

What's so bad about a little harmless hedonism for the gals
After all, the guys these days are pretty well reprobate

Women's Top 10 Sexual Fantasies

reveries Every woman on earth has fantasized about some explicit sexual fantasy that she may or may not have been too ashamed to talk about. Whether it's your wife or your, this top ten list is sure to touch on a forbidden fantasy of her own.

Although most women prefer to leave their fantasies at that, others have a list that they are slowly but surely accomplishing. So the next time your woman seems to be wandering off in thought, who knows, she may be cruising around in the mystical world of sexual fantasy.

So do you think you can guess what some of them are? This list took a lot of time to comprise (and a few bottles of red wine as well), and the women's names have been changed to protect their privacy.

So the next time you're engaging in pillow talk with your lady of the night, her fantasy may be more common than you might think.

Keep in mind that fantasies are a normal and healthy part of our sexuality. They are either taken from past experiences or may even be entirely imaginary. Sometimes these fantasies are taboo, or socially unacceptable, therefore they are only available through fantasy. But as you'll figure out today, the modern woman marvels at sex and sexuality.

10. Strangers in the night
Many women relish the idea of meeting up with a mystery man - the exciting tall, dark stranger - and going to some no-name motel with him for a wild night of uninhibited sex. Sometimes women feel like the only people they can truly let loose with are bad boy "strangers" simply because they won't be judged. And who cares anyway? They'll probably never see the beautiful stranger again.

Francine divulged her perspective, "The idea of sharing a passionate night with a dark, handsome stranger and behaving like a sexual predator doesn't just sound inviting; it sounds delicious. And leaving after we're done without even knowing each other's names is the best part."

9. The more the merrier
Group sex was a popular one among the ladies. "The freedom of being nude in front of a bunch of people who are equally exposed, allowing different men and women to touch and penetrate your body simultaneously is incredibly erotic."

Now don't mistakenly assume that all women want to engage in group intercourse, and gather up all your buddies for your next date (unless, of course, she asks you to).

8. Who's your daddy?
If there's one thing that women are dying to do, it's dominate hubby like never before. The creative ideas that flowed from this topic were quite interesting, to say the least. They included:

7. Lay me out on display
In today's world of confident women, I was not surprised to learn that many of them fantasize about having an audience whilst engaging in sexual acts with a partner. I guess the idea of knowing that others are getting excited by their "performance" provides them with a feeling of empowerment.

"Imagining that people are watching me while I'm taking my partner's manhood into my mouth gives me a feeling of satisfaction because it makes me feel sexier." Perhaps these women feel as though they're participating in an erotic movie... speaking abstractly, of course.

6. Sexually ravaged
Although most women agreed that they fantasize about having a tall, dark handsome master, their role in the scenario differed. Whereas some women said that they would surrender to their stranger-master's demands, others opposed the idea and said that they would resist and disobey his commands.

Vicky said, "Having him instruct me on how to lick and suck his member or at what pace to ride him will make me orgasm faster than I can say Yes, Master." On the other hand, Denise interrupted saying, "It depends. In some fantasies I obey, yet in others I fight him and refuse to do anything he says until he finally ties me to the bed and calms me with his rhythmic penetration."

Whew, is it hot in here, or is it just me???

5. I taw, I taw a putty tat
Come on, guys, I'm sure you smelled this one coming from miles away (no pun intended... seriously). Yes, virtually every woman wants or will share her body with another woman. Are you jealous because you get left out? Don't be, most of these women want their man to watch them while they work... or play, as the case may be.

"The idea of touching another soft, hairless body and softly sucking her tongue, amongst other things, seems very erotic," said Sara. Actually that does sound pretty inviting, but won't it be difficult for you guys to sit in the corner and just watch? After all, these women don't want you to participate -- okay, one of them did.

4. Leave a good tip
Keeping in mind that the women interviewed are professionals with commendable careers, some of them fantasized about being strippers, while others took things a step further and imagined being prostitutes. Obviously, the fantasy is romanticized beyond belief because the life of either is not so glamorous that women would opt to have it as a career choice.

"While I'm performing a lap dance for my customer, he hands me a $100 bill and requests that I perform the lap dance... minus his pants," Tina boldly stated. When I asked Amber about her prostitution fantasy, she said, "The gentleman would pick me up in his expensive car and I would ride him in the driver's seat in some dingy back alley. He would pay me my fee and I'd be on my way."

3. Two can chew
Most men enjoy being spoiled by two women who fawn over them simultaneously. In the same instance, women also fantasize about having two men all over their bodies. Some wanted a more gentle erotic scene, while the rare few wanted porno-like sex.

One of the most interesting statements regarding two men was having one penetrate her while the other licked her clitoris. It sounds virtually impossible (especially if the guys are not bisexual), but nevertheless intriguing.

Other good ones include having two guys perform cunnilingus simultaneously, or having one guy perform oral sex while the other sucks on her breasts. Oh, and this goes on for hours by the way.

Another woman made no secret of the fact that she wants to be nasty and do all the taboo things that most women would find degrading. She wants to be penetrated from the anus and the vagina, she wants the guys to release their load all over her, and craziest of all, she wants to be blindfolded through it all.

2. Strap me on, I'm going in
By far, one of the most popular fantasies women have is being the man for one night... literally. They would like to act and dress up like a man, and I mean straight down to the penis. That's right, I'm referring to a strap-on penis.

One woman actually had the opportunity to fulfill her fantasy and took full advantage of her husband's willingness. "It was absolutely incredible to be able to penetrate him and feel the empowerment usually associated with being the aggressor."

"There's something about having a man in a vulnerable position that is an incredible turn-on." Carol admitted. The idea of knowing that we're in the position that is usually assumed by men is probably the most aphrodisiacal element of it all.

1. Ooh, my virgin ears
Although saying "rape fantasy" sounds somewhat unthinkable, that's exactly what most women call it. They want to play the innocent, naïve, unknowing little girl who gets taken advantage of by the devious, predator-like man.

Forcibly pushing her against the wall and "pinning my arms above my head with one hand while the other hand has made its way under my skirt and is fondling my vagina," received nods of approval by all the women in the room. Andrea went even further expecting the man to "rip off my clothes, force open my legs, penetrate me, and concurrently smear my lipstick all over my face with his forceful kiss." Hmmm, interesting.

Guys, please keep in mind that these are fantasies; don't read this article and take it as a reason to get medieval on your women. The reason fantasies are so cherished is because the majority of them will never be realized.

So have you ever heard any of these before? Or better yet, have you ever participated in any of them? Women of the new millennium have established their position in this sexually charged environment... and I mean that exactly how it sounds.

So gentlemen, protect yourselves at all time, and start doing that by getting yourself some condoms. Until next time, enjoy the femme fatale of your fantasies!

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Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery from Sex Addiction

Spiritualizing sex is actually a movement of energy -- feeling and emotion -- that rises within you and moves into your sexual physicality as an alive, tender, erotic, or passionate expression. Your bodies move without inhibition so all the energy can flow out of you and between the two of you. You allow spiritual energy to express its dance through you. Sexuality can be a profound demonstration of your love, and especially your freedom, to express and bond. Spiritual sex, then, combines how you express your love with the intentions or blessings you bring to your partnership.

Alexandra Katehakis


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Our ~ Sacred ~ Earth

Imagination has always had powers of
resurrection that no science can match

Ingrid Bengis

Third Age

Fantasy is a normal, healthy part of sex for men and women. In fact, many specialists claim that a rich fantasy life leads to better sex.
One of the attractions of fantasy lovers -- even when your fantasy lover is actually your current partner, as often happens -- is that they're right beside you, and they know just what to do to make you feel good. Another benefit is that you can enjoy fantasy sex with someone other than your partner without repercussions, because it occurs solely in your mind.
Fantasy gives you an outlet for all of the wild, lustful things that you've always wanted to do. You might be really turned on, for example, by the thought of doing it with your spouse in a convertible in the mall parking lot on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Chances are you're not going to try this one out for real, but you can go full speed ahead in your fantasies.

The Soul of Sex
Our sexual fantasies have a great deal to do with our search for meaning, direction, and individuality. [Thomas Moore] Eros serves the soul by leading it on through desire and pleasure, and the objects of our desire are not always as simple and obvious as they may appear. Sexual fantasies may call forth new life in the guise of new sexual experiences, and so the motive for repressing these fantasies may not be as much moral sensitivity as fear of life's irrepressible abundance. . . . Sexual fantasy wakens, points, and motivates. It is a form of education that teaches us the direction in which our soul's desire leads through the testimony of pleasurable sensation occasioned by specific erotic images. [p95-96. The Soul of Sex]

Annie Sprinkle says:
Our sexuality is not only something that can be used for the enhancement of an intimate relationship, for physical pleasure or procreation, but it can also be used for personal transformation, personal and emotional healing, self-realization and spiritual growth, and as a way to learn about all life and death. A focused, sexually awakened group is a divine and extremely powerful force that can not only inspire each person in the group, but has the potential to contribute to the well-being of life on earth as well.

"I've always suspected that women have richer, wilder fantasies than men. Men are only beginning to perceive the true nature of woman's being. They have created a false image of her. She is neither an angel nor a bitch in heat. If she is no long an enigma, she is certainly an everlasting source of wonder and rich in unexplored possibilities in every domain of life." [Henry Miller to Nancy Friday, 1973]

Havelock Ellis, love-companion of Margaret Sanger:

Havelock Ellis believed that sexual energy is passion we need more of.

"It is passion, more passion and fuller, that we need."

"The moralist who bans passion is not of our time .... it is passion that we need if we are to undo the work of hate, if we are to add to the gaiety and splendour of life, to the sum of human achievement, to the aspiration of human ecstasy." Quoted by Sir Francis Youngblood

Fetishes Anyone?
fetishes anyone?
Fetishes Anyone?

A poll said that 78% of [American] white woman ages 15-30 are attracted to African American men.
(Is it biology that accounts for white women's jungle fever?)

It can't be wrong
When it feels SO RIGHT
From the classic pop song by Debby Boone: You light up my Life
Woman soars

Betsy Prioleau writes:
The sex goddess by definition commands celebration. Her divine élan requires that mankind frolic, unbend, and ecstatically rejoice at her altar. The seductress therefore incarnates joie de vivre and acts as the incarnate Mistress of Revels. [p 287] see white goddess

Ashraya Rajneesh says that white woman is the vehicle for the coming salvation, or transformation, of the world.

baggage of history

Just out: Private Thoughts: Exploring the Power of Women's Sexual Fantasies (by Suzie Boss and Wendy Maltz)

Christianity - used as excuse to bully and manhandle women

Women's body as target for whiteman's rage: Garry Wills zeroes in on the obsession that the male-dominated Church has always had with sexuality, reproduction, and the "evil" role played by the symbol of Woman (Eve). Reproduction has been the ongoing fixation. "And since the prohibition (on contraceptives) was based on natural law as well as the Bible, even non-Catholics were supposed to be held to its dictates. That meant making or keeping the sale of contraceptives illegal. In America, bishops tried to prevent Margaret Sanger from speaking in favor of birth control. When an Irish policeman arrested her at a New York rally, he said it was at the bidding of Archbishop Patrick Hayes. Sanger tried to get President Franklin Roosevelt to back her attempts to legalize the sale of contraceptives, but she found her way blocked by Monsignor John A. Ryan, a man known as 'the Right Reverend New Dealer' for his alliance with President Roosevelt. [p79. Papal Sin] See site target of male rage

Pornography : the curse of men spoiled by the 'Good Life'

Spoiled by privilege, pampered by material advantage, America has fallen prey to hedonism and sexual excess. Andrea Dworkin notes the aftermath of man's indulgence. Warning about pornography, she writes, "In the subordination of women, inequality itself is sexualized: made into the experience of sexual pleasure, essential to sexual desire. Pornography is the material means of sexualizing inequality; and hat is why pornography is a central practice in the subordination of women.

quoted by Robert Jensen: Getting Off. p53

Why do Girls Love Chocolate SO MUCH

(Chocolate Lust - Angel of Darkness)
bianca carmit Do you love chocolate? Of course you do! 99% of girls love chocolate. Did you know that there is a scientific reason for all of this? It's true. Chocolate contains many mood-enhancing chemicals. One of those chemicals, phenylethylamine, is actually the very same chemical that your brain releases when you fall in love. This is why chocolate increases your heart rate and gives you a certain gush of excitement when you eat it.

Back when chocolate was first being discovered, it was only consumed as a beverage. And also, that beverage was mostly consumed by men. Over the years, chocolate became a solid food and women and children were soon allowed to consume it, as well.

Another reason scientists say that women crave chocolate so much is because they are often under the assumption that this is something that they're not allowed to have. Obviously, too much chocolate can cause a girl to gain weight. But because girls have told themselves that this food is forbidden, this does nothing but enhance a girl's craving for it.

Of course there are also very practical reasons for loving chocolate that have nothing to do with science. I mean, it smells great, melts in your mouth, and tastes like heaven. Did you know that people in the United States have reported to craving chocolate more than anything else? So how about you . . . do you crave chocolate?

Woman was First

(our first 'home')

Malcolm X pleads for whiteman to repent

White Man Falling - America Gone Soft - a Warning


A Woman brought you into this world
so you have no right to disrespect one.


Susan Sontag asks: is white man the cancer of history?

Surely a debt of some kind is long overdue (historic victims)

Bob Shepherd
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Repent America
Time to Repent, White Man


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