SECRETS UNVEILED: Were the Illuminati pivotal in the founding of the United States?

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Illuminati behind America's Founding
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George Washington, Freemason
"Washington as Master Mason" - painted by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze.

The Illuminati Most Americans today know of the Illuminati due to the association of this label with a semi-secret group known as The Order of the Illuminati. This was a Republican society (that is, anti-monarchist & pro-secular), founded at Ingoldstadt in Bavaria, 1776, having for its object the establishment of a religion consistent with "sound reason." Its founder was a man of deep wisdom, Adam Weishaupt, commited to the old hebraic values of this-worldly liberalism, while also broadly open to science, rationalism, and progressive idealism. But facing an inhospitable climate, he took his doctrine underground, forming a secret society of like-minded individuals.

By eerie coincidence, the Society "just happened" to be founded in the year 1776. The same year as America's Independence, and while the American Revolution was in progress. The founder Weishaupt was a gifted man of mysterious disposition. Of Hebraic heritage, he was trained by the Jesuits. Ostensibly Christian, he seems to have been far more "religiously" committed to certain Enlightenment principles. Whatever the occult underpinings you read into this Order, its impact, both open and also obscure, seems unquestionably to have been profound. For a more conspirational view, see article.

Originally called the Order of the Perfectibilists, "its professed object was, by the mutual assistance of its members, to attain the highest possible degree of morality and virtue, and to lay the foundation for the reformation of the world by the association of good men to oppose the progress of moral evil (from

The Church seems to have smelled insurgency at the mere approach of Weishaupt. Reading between the lines, they sensed what others already knew. Weishaupt was a man of cosmopolitan views, and he knew and condemned the "bigotry and superstitions of the Priests, established an opposing party in the University.... This was the beginning of the Order of Illuminati or the Enlightened...."(2) Weishaupt was not then a Freemason; he was initiated into Lodge Theodore of Good Council (Theodor zum guten Rath), at Munich in 1777. (also from

all seeing eye
The All-Seeing Eye

Maltese Cross

The origins of the word "Illuminati" go deep into the Christian past ...

In fact, Christians themselves were at one time, in the primitive church, so called. The idea was that upon baptism, a lighted candle was given them to hold as a symbol that they were illuminated by the Holy Ghost.

They become, then, "Illumined." Children of the Light.

Throughout subsequent church history, several religious societies have appropriated the name of Illuminati:

There are older links for the Illuminati though that stretch right back into the realm of the Shining Ones in Afghanistan. This link is with the Roshaniya or Illuminated/Enlightened Ones and reference to them comes from the House of Wisdom in Cairo -- veritable fount of esoteric knowledge predating the Roshaniya by hundreds of years.

Again, initiation and ritual match up between the Roshaniya and others such as the Assassins, who we know influenced the Templars and hence Christianity, Freemasonry etc.

The earliest leader we know of is Bayezid Ansari who claimed descent from the 'helpers' of Mohammed. Who exactly these 'helpers' were nobody knows, suffice to say their existence in helping Mohammed escape Mecca pin-points them in space and time, if nothing else.

It is claimed that Bayezid was indoctrinated by the Ismailis -- themselves close to the Assassins and having 'hidden lodges' around the world. These Ismailis came about to protect a great secret of Islam after the Crusades, in much the same manner as the Cathars protected some strange secret knowledge.

It seems that the Ismailis recruited well, as the Illuminated Ones grew fast. Bayezid taught a series of supernatural exercises which were believed to lead to enlightenment and the great secret -- an obvious allusion to the fact that the great secret is enlightenment. To obtain this illuminative aspect of the secret they had to undergo the usual meditation and fasting called the khilwat -- silence. Using merchants and soldiers Bayezid eventually spread his message across the world by word of mouth and those Gnostics and Mystics who heard the message already understood the secret of illumination. Eventually Bayezid, who was now known as Pir-I-Roshan (sage of illumination) founded a great city at Hashtnagar with the message of human fulfillment emanating from its center. It was understood that utilization of the human mind, in the enlightened aspect, could bring about wonders.
[Try this one. Following needs update: Phillip Gardiner's The true Holy Grail, Elixir of Life and other ancient secrets (Great Pyramid, Da Vinci Code, Knights Templar)]

Beside the groups named (Hesychasts, Alombrados, Guerinets, "Mystics" of Belgium, we must include as well the Rosicrucians.
It has been common to derive the word from Rosa Crux (see Rudolf Steiner, for example), but this etymology is faulty, says Brewer. The correct derivation is from Ros Crux, or dew cross. Dew was a chrism, at once time regarded by ancient chemists to be the most powerful solvent of gold. Moreover, in alchemy, the cross is considered the symbol of light, because any figure of the cross contains the three letters, L, V, X (light). Lux is the menstrum of the red dragon (i.e, corporeal light) and this gross light, properly digested, produces gold, and the chrism dew is the digester (solvent). Hence the Rosicrucians are those who use dew for digesting LUX or light, with the object of finding the philosopher's stone. For Red Dragon (the Welsh connection.) For Rosicrucian influence (Protestant mysticism). Even if we exclude Ben Franklin, notable Rosicrucians would include Dante, Dr. John Dee, Sir Francis Bacon, and Sir Christopher Wren.

The biblical book of Judges (Sefer Shoftim) refers to a war in which little Israel, underdog as usual, was beset by an enemy (Sisera) and God said the very stars in their courses fought on behalf of Israel. Have the stars themselves sometimes fought for America?

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The New Atlantis

America Begotten in Arcane Antiquity, if you are interested in this line of interpretation. See America's beginnings: Christopher Columbus, the last Templar
Cristoforo Colombo, L'ultimo dei Templari - La storia tradita e i veri retroscena della scoperta dell'America. (Ruggero Marino). Christopher Columbus, the Last Templar. This book will amaze you. Columbus knew far more than history lets on (thanks to the Black Conspiracy, the insider cover-up). Columbus shared the Templar dream of Christians, Muslims, and Jews living in peace in a New Jerusalem. According to investigations by Ruggero Marino, Columbus studied ancient texts and maps from the Vatican Library, access to which was granted by Giovanni Battista Cibò -- Pope Innocent VIII -- who Marino shows to be Columbus' true father. Innocent VIII (whose own father was Jewish and grandmother was Muslim) was the perfect individual to further the Templars' plan to create a universal religion combining the spiritual wisdom of the three great monotheistic faiths -- the three Abrahamic-inspired "peoples of the Book."

Obscure Founding Fathers

Of related interest to the Freemasons: While I have not studied it well, David Ovason has written a book on the Masons and the building of Washington DC. The title of Ovason's study is The Secret Architecture of our Nation's Capital.

See Benjamin Banneker and the occult founding of Washington DC.

Prince Hall

Sir Francis Bacon was an occultist who was leader of the Rosicrucians and the first Grand Master of modern Freemasonry. Bacon, together with John Dee (1527-1608), was a high initiate in the Ancient Mysteries and a Rosicrucian leader and so at the helm of the Secret Societies in England. Bacon had a vision for the establishment of the "Ancient Order of the Ages," and it was this he alluded to in his book, The New Atlantis (1626)

The ancient wisdom : GEOMANCY

Saint George of our Anglican Roots - the cult, the lore, the line where history and mysticism intercourse.

Prophecy: George Washington: unique among the founders, both less "sexy" -- more prosaic -- than founders like Jefferson and Franklin, but also known eminently for his probity, his dignity, his integrity and almost classical virtue. Paradoxes abound -- his faithful Christian observance and apparent high respect for Christian traditionalism. He was very much at ease with deistic and enlightenment phraseology, his Republicanism was that of ancient Rome (Cicero, etc) and NOT the radical Jacobin Republicanism of the French Revolution. The high regard in which he was held by his peers far transcended the sensationalism of our other greats, like Sam Adams, and Patrick Henry. He was the one uniter who was revered by both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Washington's name, probably more than any of the other founders, has been linked (accurately or otherwise) with occultic and esoteric association, Masons, etc. The two major prophecies known at this time are as follows. First The one reeorded by Wesley Bradshaw appearing, it is believed for the first time in an 1880 edition of the National Tribune (related to Bradshaw by Anthony Sherman) ...

From the opening of the Revolution we experienced all phases of fortune ...... While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth ......
The second prophecy came in the form of a relation from an Indian holy man, a sachem or prophet in 1770. The first written record was in 1827 by George Washington Parke Custis, Recollections of Washinton. This was George Washington Plays: "The Indian's Prophecy." ...
The Grand Sachem begins: I am a chief and ruler over many tribes. . . . .

A good contemporary source is David Barton's The Bulletproof George Washington ...

George Washington, part Classicist, part Deist, yet still reputed as a Christian gentleman. There are at least a couple somewhat startling prophecies involving Washington. Here is the famous Son of the Republic prophecy. ..... And here is Sir William Hope's Prophecy of George Washington's Birth.

For an overview of Jacques DeMolay, Grand Master of the historical Knights Templar, and their rumoured occult, or secret side, numerous (other) online resources abound, including Beardsley's intense effort debunking the oft ignored strategic role of Masons in America's Founding.

Related subjects would have to include the impact of Enlightenment Deism on America's Founders. Ben Franklin certainly held many of the attitudes associated with Deism, but he was a friend of evangelist George Whitefield. Likewise, the Christian George Washington, originally an outwardly observant Anglican, would commonly come to use Deistic phraseology, and terms for God -- the Deity, the Almighty, Providence, the Great Architect, the Invisible Hand, etc. But whatever construction is used, there was something uncanny about the survival, the prosperity of this nation. Truly they had received "help" auxilium ab alto (help from above), as it were.

My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.
George Washington: See MOTHERS

Well before the Founding generation, Sir Francis Bacon, in New Atlantis, referred to ancient writings and discovered prophetic or esoteric reference to America. Of the lists of these ancient prophecies, this site gives thirteen (Salvatore Michael Trento's) here. Seneca's prophesy is:

Venient annis secula seris
Quibus Oceanus vincula rerum
Laxet et ingens pateat tellus
Tethys que novos detegat orbes
Nec sit terris ultima Thule.

"There shall come a time in later ages,
When Ocean shall relax his chains
And a vast continent shall appear,
And a pilot shall find new worlds."

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Many of the Founding Fathers shared, to one degree or other, the general tenets of Enlightenment thinking. (For More) Steeped in the benign Republicanism of (pagan) classical Rome, they were aloof from the more intense (New England) version believism of what we might call the religious right of their own time, as typified by Boston-dictated Puritanism -- with its obsessive concern for literacy, the Bible, and self-denying religiosity. The mystery goes even deeper. Francis Bacon wrote of America before its founding as "the new Atlantis." Also see the site. One researcher, Jay Rogers,a Christian, has a site enumerating a host of prophecies, through the ages, alluding (apparently) to America. Cincinnatus (Our own Washington). And alternatively, here's another discussion. AND THEN, there's Jefferson:
The preservation of the holy fire is confided to us by the world, and the sparks which will emanate from it will ever serve to rekindle it in other quarters of the globe.
[Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Knox, 1810. ME 12:361]

Prince Hall and the Obscure Ties of Dusky Bostonians


See Moorish Sciences' Calling to Englighten
from Arcane Symbolism into Full Illumination

Masonic Secrets -- America's Founding

Freemasonry [John Ferguson. NY: Crossroad Publishing, 1982 ]
Ferguson writes regarding the mystic dimension of freemasonry:

Originally a religious fraternity of English Masons, perhaps in the twelfth century, under the protection of John the Baptist, guarding the craft-mysteries. Later concerned with the moral and religious education of its members. Abolished in 1547, it was re-established, and spread to many other countries. In Catholic countries it tended to become associated with Deism and hostile to organized Christianity; in Protestant countries its undogmatic religion co-existed with the Churches, and membership often overlaps.

Freemasonry offers a kind of modern mystery religion with initiation into a secret cult by symbolic tests of courage and endurance, and participation in a strictly formulaic ritual. But there is no promise of exclusive salvation. Symbolic association with masonry has been retained, and God is seen as the great Architect. The organization today combines innocent and social pleasure, a touch of élitism, a bit of pageantry, a general belief in religion and a certain amount of philanthropy. The official account in Germany describes freemasonry as 'the activity of closely united men who, employing symbolical forms borrowed principally from the mason's trade and from architecture, work for the welfare of mankind, striving morally to ennoble themselves and others, and thereby to bring about a universal league of mankind, which they aspire to exhibit even now on a small scale.' Freemasonry inspired one great work of art, Mozart's The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte).

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The Intriguing Role of Prince Hall &
the Free Blacks of New England

The Piri Reis enigma (the map as we have it)

Eliyahu Rips' holy-math: hidden Torah Code

Prince Hall, America's missing founding father

Hiram Abiff & the Masonic Temple of Solomon

The name above all names (you do the math)

rainbow auspices 'he hath favored our undertaking

Cicero's Prophecy -- George Washington

Far beyond the ocean, if we may believe the Sibylline Books, there will extend after many ages a large fertile land and in it there will arise a brave and wise man who shall by his wise counsel and by his arms liberate his oppressed countrymen from servitude, and shall found under happier auspices a Republic most like ours, both in its origin and its history, much and deservedly to be preferred, ye good gods, to Brutus and Camillus.

Fragment of Cicero, Viri Amer., p.52. vita washingtonii

See Mitch Horowitz: Occult America. The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation
    related to the hermetic influence that permeated America, at times occult, and other times esoteric.

Ancient Egypt : primordial legacy
extraterrestrial beings and life forms
Is there sentient life on other planets?

Ancient Evenings : Egypt ~ crossroads of time immemorial. Note Pharoah Taharqa, one of the illustrious black Pharoahs. What mystic confluence hidden in Egypt and her ancient evenings, giving the ancient world the Nile, the pyramids, and first of the world's civilizations, giving history Neferteri, giving all of us this man Moses, and the Torah. He was an African, learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, married to an Ethiopian princess, if not an Ethiopian himself as Freud believed. Tom Paine himself was mystified. But America is the heir of a hidden spiritual paternity: out of Egypt have I called my son. See Moses Prince of Egypt.

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