Ancient Prophecies About

America - daughter of Africa - split off from the Pangæa First Continent

Die Entstehung der Kontinente und Ozeane

Is America The New Atlantis?
Some Ancient References to Land
Beyond the Atlantic Ocean

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Ancient prophecy of America
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Ezechiel 23 : 20

Outre Mer (beyond the ocean)
The Search for Lost America
by Salvatore Michael Trento
Sacred Giza


Ancient Prophecies

The New Atlantis?

Some Ancient References to Land
Beyond the Atlantic Ocean

Approx. Date
1. Herodotus ca. 480 B.C. Tells of Phœnician trading customs beyond the pillars of Hercules.
2. Avienus ca. 450 B.C. Mentions the journey of Himilco and Hanno.
3. Plato ca. 400 B.C. Writes dialogues of Atlantis and other continents beyond.
4. Aristotle ca. 360 B.C. Says the country outside the Pillars of Hercules is well-wooded, fruitful, and has navigable rivers.
5. Theopompus ca. 378 B.C. Describes and island of immense size out in the ocean, inhabited by strange people quite different from the Greeks.
6. Strabo ca. 100 B.C. Speaks of Phœnician traffic outside the Strait of Gibraltar and hints of circumnavigation.
7. Diodorus
ca. 21 B.C. Describes a great country many days' voyage through the Atlantic, with navigable rivers, big houses, forests, and fruits. Says the Phœnicians had discovered the country long ago but had kept its whereabouts secret.
8. Seneca ca. 30 A.D. Speculates that there might be land on the other side of the Atlantic.
9. Mela ca. 44 A.D. Reports that "Indians" had been carried by high winds across the sea and cast upon the shores of Germany.
10. Plutarch ca. 70 A.D. "Far west in the ocean in the latitude of Britain, lie islands beyond which stretches a great continent. Greek language is spoken there."
11. Pausanias ca. 150 A.D. "West of the Atlantic are a group of islands whose inhabitants are red-skinned and whose hair is like a horse."
12. Ælianus ca. 200 A.D. Reports that among the Phœnicians of Cadiz it was common knowledge that a huge "island" existed out in the Atlantic.
13. Proclus ca. 440 A.D. Claims that the new land had stones and pillars erected by the Egyptians and that inscriptions often found on the pillars told of the history of the people.

Seneca's prophecy was cited by Columbus in his own book (collection of prophecies). Seneca had sojourned in Egypt, in Alexandria -- that center of knowledge with so many mysteries hidden in its unparalleled ancient library. In his "Medea" Sececa wrote the famous prediction.

venient annis saecula seris quibus oceanus vincula rerum laxet, et ingens
pateat tellus tethysque novos detegat orbes, nec sit terris ultima thule

When Ocean wave shall open every Realme
The wandering world at will shall open lye,
And Thyphis will some newe founde Land Survay
Some travelers shall the Countries farre escrye,
Beyond small Thule, known farthest to this day.

In one of his copies of Seneca's tragedies, the great humanist and illegitimate son of the "Admiral," Ferdinand Cólon entered the words,

"This prophecy was fulfilled by my father."

see Diskin Clay, The Islands of the Odyssey (Columbus' Senecan Prophecy)

Manly P. Hall, 33° : The Secret Destiny of America

The ancient Greeks had a far better knowledge of geography than popular opinion today indicates. We have been deceived as to the full measure of classical learning.

In ancient days all learning was regarded as sacred; wisdom was entrusted to the keeping of priest-philosophers; and they were permitted to communicate the choicest branches of the sciences only to duly initiated pupils. To bestow knowledge upon those who had not prepared their minds by years of discipline and self-purification profaned the mysteries, desecrated the sacred sciences.

Conversation with Professor James Breasted, the most distinguished of American Egyptiologists: he confirmed my own findings; he further stated it to be his personal conviction that the classical civilizations concealed most of their learning under legends, myths, and allegories; and these have long been mistakenly accepted as the literal beliefs of these peoples.

There can be no doubt that the existence of a great continent in the Western Hemisphere was known to th ancient Greeks. And also to the Egyptians and the Chinese.
[above pp 37-38]

Greek mythology perpetuates the knowledge of a blessed land beyond the Western Boundaries of Ocean. In this blessed land dwelt the Hesperides, the beautiful daughters of Night, and here also at the end of each day the sun came to rest. In popular mythology the Hesperic Isles were a kind of terrestrial paradise.

Thus, under a thin veil of mystic symbolism, was concealed the account of a Western continent of great size, fertile and rich and abounding in all good things.
[above p 39]

In many ways we discover indications that the old races were wiser than we thought, and that what we have called discoveries are really only re-discoveries.

Beyond the western bounds of the ocean they located a fair land set aside by the gods to be the earthly paradise. here in the fulness of time all men would come in search of the Golden Fleece which hung upon the apples of the sun; and the early explorers did travel to the West in search of a Golden Fleece -- the gold of the Incas, the treasures of the Aztecs, and the jeweled temples of the seven cities of Cibola.

[Yet the true gold is something infinitely beyond even the most precious earthly metals]

We have now in America, enshrined in the Congressional Library, a Golden Fleece -- the American Declaration of Independence, written on the skin of an animal and preserved as the magic formula of human hope. Those who understand it and can use wisely the import of its writings are possessed of the secret of the immortality of human society.
[above pp 42-43]

tempus omnia revelat
[time eventually reveals everything]

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Ultima Cumaei venit iam carminis aetas;
magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo.
Iam redit et Virgo, redeunt Saturnia regna;
iam nova progenies caelo demittitur alto.
Tu modo nascenti puero, quo ferrea primum
desinet ac toto surget gens aurea mundo,
casta fave Lucina: tuus iam regnat Apollo.

Golden Age or Saturnian Reign Child, born of a Virgin, would bring back the Golden Age and preside over a world at peace [Isaiah 7:14]

Virgil's Eclogue is remarkable in showing how widespread was the idea of a saviour who should come to bring peace on earth and restore the golden age. Oracles to that purpose were afloat, and Virgil himself refers to verses of the Cumaean Sybil whose dicta were considered as a divine revelation even among Christians.

The world was longing for the strong hand of a just ruler with whom the Golden Age of Saturn would return. Astraea, the maid of the stars, the celestial virgin who had been living among men on earth in the times of primitive innocence but had withdrawn to the heavens where she became visible as the constellation of Virgo, will descend to earth, and with her a general era of goodwill and patri- archal virtue will be restored.

Unearthing Ancient America

During the reign of King Solomon (974-937 BC) the western isles were known to Iberian merchants as 'Colchis,' 'Asqua Samal,' 'Ophir,' and 'Brucir.' By some accounts, the Western Isles were part of a Far Asian continent, "India Occident" -- that is, "India of the West," or "India Superior."

Greek and Roman scholars called these smaller isles (across the Atlantic) such names as "Fortunate Isles" or "the Gorgades" or "the Hesperides" (from common folklore)

From Gunnar Thompson, "How the Portuguese out-foxed Columbus" [above p 236, Frank Joseph, editor]

For More: Frank Thompson: New World Discoveries Institute
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Columbus and the New World


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Gondwana birthed supercontinent Pangæa ("Urkontinent") that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, forming approximately 300 million years ago. It began to break apart around 100 million years after it formed.